Rexel Worldwide

A global outlook with proven resources
from the largest distributor in the world

Size has its advantages

Worldwide Resources, Focused Locally
Rexel USA, Inc. is America's gateway to the resources of the world's leading electrical distributor: Rexel Worldwide. Our global information-sharing and resource management spread successful innovations around the world in an instant. That puts our customers on the leading edge of technology advances and process improvements uncovered from every corner of the globe. See how Rexel is powering our planet's success.

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Rexel Group

Rexel, a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies and services, serves three main end markets: industrial, commercial and residential.

The Group operates in 37 countries, with a network of some 2,300 branches, and employs over 31,000 people. Rexel's sales were €13.4 billion in 2012.

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